Our Services

National Retrofitting Group works with a wide array of commercial, public and industrial properties, providing environmentally friendly lighting solutions, helping to improve their energy efficiency, reducing expenses and enhancing value while delivering fast ROI



By maximizing brightness in various spaces - from narrow to medium width aisles, open staging and assembly spaces - you can lower energy and maintenance costs and improve productivity in manufacturing and processing plants, warehouses and distribution centers.


Office and Retail

Brighten your workplace while you reduce your utility bills, improve staff performance and job satisfaction.  Clients include grocery chains, retail centers, commercial offices, hospitals and educational institutions to provide quality, environmentally friendly workplace lighting that supports modern work environments.



Safety is critical in parking lots and garages.  National Retrofitting Group provides the latest in durable, energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions designed specifically for parking lots and garages to help companies reduce energy and maintenance costs while increasing brightness.

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Multifamily Residential

National Retrofitting Group works closely with owners of multifamily residential properties and senior living facilities by providing lighting solutions that can greatly improve tenant satisfaction and property desirability while reducing operation costs.

National Retrofitting Group Turn-Key Process


Energy Analysis

  • Energy and Sustainability Analysis Tool (ESAT) analysis of existing lighting
  • Lighting system design
  • Identification of available grants, subsidies and incentives
  • Financing solutions



Expert Installation

  • Project management
  • Manufacturer-trained installers
  • Limited or no business interruption
  • Support with managing manufacturer warranties

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification

  • EPAct certification
  • Rebate procurement
  • EPA-certified recycling