Turn-Key Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

You could be saving money right now!

“NRG coordinated with the store to work after hours to make sure they didn’t interrupt our store business.” – AldiInc.


“We are amazed at how much brighter the office is, and I can’t believe we’re savings 50% on our lighting costs.” –Associated Agencies, Inc. 


“NRG’s installation team did a great job working around our residents, keeping their work areas clean and hazard free, while finishing the jobs in a timely manner.” – Barton Management, Inc. 


“The finished product gave our facilities an improved look, and our electric cost savings are even more than they projected.” – Barton Management, Inc.


“Your “turn-key” service made the process easy from start to finish, and your installation crew completed the work around our schedule.” – Car Leasing, Inc.


“The new lighting has been a great improvement in our building, the cost-savings are substantial, and our team couldn’t be happier.” – Car Leasing, Inc. 


“NRG’s three-year guarantee on parts and labor, including bulbs, means I can control R&M costs during that time.” – Falcon Realty Group, Inc.


 “The owners of the garage were very impressed with the detailed and all-encompassing proposal which included all of the ComEd rebates as well as their projected energy savings.” – LAZ Parking


“The entire NRG team did a terrific job and have made the garage brighter, safer, and of course, more energy efficient.” – LAZ Parking


“The tenant is pleased with the care and attention that was given to their product on the warehouse floor and the cleanliness with which NRG performed the work.” – Prologis 


“The space is 105,000 sq. ft. and is considered one of Prologis’ premier vacancy’s in the Atlanta market. Now with the T-5 lighting in the warehouse, the space shows exceptionally well.” – Prologis


“Without your help procuring and guaranteeing the rebate, this project would not have been possible.” – Deerfield Public Schools District 109


 “The savings projected by NRG during the analysis phase have proven accurate and the garage is now brighter with a nice white light, giving the interior an upgraded look.” – Standard Parking


“It was a pleasure buying something that we can actually prove saved us money, improved the look of the building and allowed us to help the environment.” – Northbrook Bank & Trust


“Your “turn-key” approach made the project 100% painless.” – Northbrook Bank & Trust

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